Building a Personal Brand Online: Tips for Filipino Professionals

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The significance of personal branding in the contemporary business landscape cannot be emphasized enough. Whether you’re a manager aspiring to significantly impact your organization or an entrepreneur striving to distinguish yourself in a crowded marketplace, cultivating a well-defined personal brand is paramount.

Personal branding involves crafting an identity for yourself, akin to establishing a brand for a business. It encompasses how you present yourself, your fundamental principles, beliefs, ideals, professional accomplishments, and your unique personality. Its primary objective is to enable your intended audience to recognize you and grasp your core values.

Your brand is a powerful tool for achieving your objectives, whether enhancing your reputation, attracting new clients, or advancing your professional journey. Here’s how:


Treat Yourself Like a Brand 

Consider yourself as a brand, at least to define your professional identity. Think about what you want your name to represent. What’s the one thing you’d like to excel at in your career? Your brand could be a goal, a skill, a feeling, a trait, or even a notable accomplishment.

Once you’ve defined your brand, it becomes easier to make career decisions. You can identify the skills that complement your brand, select projects that align with it, target an audience that appreciates it, and evaluate whether your current job matches your brand.

Authenticity is key here. Building a brand that truly reflects your passions and skills, even if it initially feels a bit artificial, can pay off. You’ve successfully established your brand when people associate you with your passions or expertise. And if strangers think of you when discussing your areas of interest, you might be on the brink of a breakthrough.


Stick to a Consistent Plan

When building your brand, it’s vital to have a steady plan. Think of it as your brand strategy. Set clear goals: How will you promote yourself, and what’s your endgame?

Your goal is to gain trust in your field. To do that, consider what you can offer regarding new ideas, knowledge, and insights on relevant topics. To begin, regularly create content. This could mean making articles, social media posts, ebooks, starting a podcast, writing for online publications, or even having a YouTube channel. Have a content plan that matches your brand. Use social media platforms that fit your brand and engage with your online audience. Attend networking events to expand your professional circle.

Maintaining a consistent online presence is vital for building relationships and trust with customers and future clients. Over time, this consistency helps you grow a loyal following. Remember, consistency is crucial, but it doesn’t mean you have to post daily.¬†


Establish and Audit Your Online Presence

Aside from having a professional website, it’s now crucial for modern workers to show up on social media and professional networks. The main ones are Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter.

You might only need to be on one of these platforms, depending on your skills. Alternatively, your audience is more on a website like eBay, Etsy, or Amazon. Wherever you go online, make sure it matches your brand. Remember, keeping your personal and professional lives separate online is tough. Be mindful of what people can see when they search for your name on Facebook or Google. When possible, check your privacy settings to control what’s visible.


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