Why do we need a Website for business?

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Small enterprises would more likely not consider putting up a website for their businesses, as the big question in mind goes as; why do we need a website for business?

Since start up businesses have limited resources, and as most Return on Investments (ROI) is not achieved overnight, good entrepreneurs allot budget wisely. By all means, starting businesses will definitely hit the bank and building a website for small business will make it look like far from what is known practical.However, websites are something one business man should really invest in as this serves an element of nowadays’s success.

Here are the top 3 reason’s why do we need a website for business;

1.) FREE reach to MILLIONS

Letting them see is the key. When you make yourself visible online, you are like opening your house to the public and letting them in.

The traditional way of making you and your business visible is through effective branding and strategic marketing. In order for you to do so, you have to create a physical store, put up print-ads everywhere, and make big advertisements (that requires big money as well) like billboard ads, radio or TV ads and the like. These ways that would use up energy, time, and money would be effective locally, but they are not the trend anymore.

By having a website, you can be viewed by a wider scope of audience, as this does not limit to your respective location only.
This can be FREE! Organic reach is the best you and this does not require the presence of your purse.


2.) Better than Facebook Page alone

Why do we need a website for business when we have the social media?
This is a nice question to raise. This generation has immersed themselves to their smart phones checking their profiles round the clock.

More and more online businesses are reaching their peak by using one easy medium they love, the social media, so we tend to conclude that a website is just something complicated and unnecessary. But abiding the house rules isn’t fun, it is way better to build your own house and enjoy. Social media mediums can serve as your third party channels in advertising your products or services.


3.) Better credibility

Trust is something you earn, and building a website is a plus factor for that build up. Think of it this way; if you are to buy a pair of rubber shoes online and you found two nice facebook pages that have the same offer you need. They both have ample amount of likes but the other one has a website link found in its profile, which would you choose to purchase?

Websites are making one enterprise’s reputation better and since anyone can create a facebook page for their business, customers became wiser. No one would love the idea of a bogus so seller so this alone answers on why do we need a website for business

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