How much is an eCommerce website in the Philippines?

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Online design in the Philippines is far more cost-effective than in other countries due to lower living costs, making it an excellent hub for outsourcing digital and web development services for people or enterprises all over the world.

As you consider establishing a website for your business, it is also essential to understand what comes with the website and the elements to consider, so you know what you will pay for.


Website type

The type of the website is one of the factors you have to keep in mind when you are computing the cost of web design. Each website has its own structure and some are more complex to build than others, that’s why you can’t expect that they will have the same price. For example, an E-Commerce website PH or an Online Store website is priced higher compared to a portfolio or a corporate website because of its complexities and features.


The Website Designer / Developer

Of course, the cost of web design & development also depends on who creates the website and provides the services. You can actually choose to go for freelance web designers, a web design agency/company, or a full-service digital agency/company. Each of them prices web design differently because the scope of the services they offer is different as well. Experienced and more equipped web designers have higher rates per hour. However, take note that not all web designers in the Philippines charge per hour as some may charge per project (scope and size of the project).


The Website Style

As mentioned above, each website has its own structure, so it also means that they come in different styles. Yes, you are indeed paying for the style of your website. This is basically one of the main reasons why you need a professional’s help in building your website — you want your website to not only be functional but also look good. Well-designed websites take more time to create because of all the details that come with them.


Extra Website Tools

Web developers use extra website tools such as plugins, page builders, and templates to aid in the process of creating a website. This also includes third-party tools like analytics, chatbots, forms, surveys, etc.


Website Building Process

The duration of building a website depends on the complexity of its design, how much content is needed, as well as its functionality. It would normally take around 2 to 6 weeks to create a website. If the project is on a large scale, then you can expect that it would take longer. But for less complicated website designs like a portfolio or corporate website, it would take 2 to 4 weeks at least.

Keep in mind that the price can also vary depending on the deadline. Rush projects can affect the cost. For example, the type of website being created for your business typically takes 4 weeks to finish, but you need it in 2 weeks, so with that, you can expect that the cost will be affected and can significantly go higher as either more hours are compressed in a few days or it would entail more people or workforce.


The Number of Website Pages

The number of website pages adds to the cost of your web design. So the more web pages (i.e., 5-10 pages and above) you have, the higher the price will be as each web page also takes time to create. Before you back out, remember that each page and content that it contains is a valuable part of your website. Think of it, what would your customers or visitors see on your website if there are not a lot of things to see and not much information to pick up?


Domain Name

The domain name is basically your website’s address and it is made distinct for you, that’s why it can’t be used by anyone else. It works the same way as the normal home address wherein a specific address directs you to a specific location. Once people type your domain name into the address bar, they will automatically be linked to your website.


Website Hosting

The web domain and web hosting work hand-in-hand, so they always go together when you calculate your website cost. Web hosting makes your website accessible to people and allows them to view its contents online or on the world wide web.

The pricing may vary depending on the web hosting plan or type of website. Each plan offers different bandwidths, webspace, and other inclusions that are suitable for your web design needs. Each type of website requires different hosting capacities, so the more functions your website needs and the more traffic it has, the larger web hosting it should have.


Website Maintenance

More than the website design itself, maintenance is necessary as well. This should be done as a routine to keep your website in check. Web designers in the Philippines, whether it is a freelancer, web design company, or full-service digital agency have different pricing in terms of their website maintenance services. It varies depending on the type of website and other inclusions.


Website Marketing

Marketing your website is essential if you want to see your Website ROI faster. Like other factors to consider in web design, the cost of website marketing may also vary. It all depends on what type of website marketing you need to boost your online presence, reach more audiences, and expand sales. Here are some examples of website marketing:


  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • PPC (Pay Per Click)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Instagram Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing

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